Best Calf Toning Exercises

Toning your calves should be one of your priorities when you go to the gym because this will help you achieve an even and pleasant aspect and your legs will look great from top to bottom. Still, not everyone knows the importance of calf exercises and they rarely include them in their workout routine. To keep you from making this mistake, we have selected the best calf toning exercises and we present them in detail so it will be easy for you to perform them.
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Heel raises

This exercise is very simple but it’s also very effective as it helps you concentrate all your body weight on one leg. Stand on your right foot with your leg foot placed behind your right calf and slowly raise your heel from the ground until your calf is fully contracted. Lower to the initial position and repeat the exercise 10 times with every leg. The exercise also works if you stand on both legs and raise your both heels from the ground.
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You can really tone your calves if you perform squats the right way meaning you will keep your calf muscles contracted. The key to good squats is to avoid extending your knees beyond your toes and to make a sitting motion instead of going all the way down. This will keep the calves contracted so the muscles will become more visible.
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Step calf raises

This is a more complicated exercise and for maximum results, we recommend that you wear some leg weights that will add extra weight to your calves and force the muscles to strain even more. You will need a stepper to climb on and something to hold on to in front of you. Sit on the stepper with your heels hanging over the edges and raise up on the balls of your feet while holding on to an object in front of you. Let go of the object and lower your heels lower than the level of the stepper then repeat the exercise 10 times.
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Leg lifting

Leg weights can be used in a wide range of exercises such as lifting your legs. Depending on the amount of weight you add to your legs, they will help you increase the strength of your calves and will shape them. Simply sit on your back with the weights attached to your legs and raise them from the ground, keep them in the air for a few seconds and lower them without touching the ground so the muscles will stay contracted.

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