Best Workouts for Toned Legs

Is summer approaching and you want to tone your legs, so that you can look amazing in your beautiful dresses and swimsuit as well? If so, then you must definitely go for the best workouts for toned legs, and by reading this article you will find all the information you need regarding this aspect.

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Chair squat

This is without a doubt the best method for beginners. It is absolutely perfect for those who want to tone their legs for the first time. What you need to do is to stand with your back to an ordinary chair, with your feet hip-width apart. Then you must keep your weight centred on the heels, and while you do so, you must draw in your abs, and hinge forward at your hips. Make sure you pause right before you would actually sit on the chair. Return to standing while you keep the core engaged. Do this for about 10 times a day. In just a few days you will see the wonderful results.

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Pivoting curtsy lunge

Another wonderful workout which will provide you the desired results is called pivoting curtsy lunge. You must stay with your feet hip-width apart. While you do so, you must step your left foot behind you. You must do this diagonally until you form a 7 o’clock position. Once you do this, you have to bend your both knees, so that you can be in a lunge stance. Then, you must lean the torso forward, 30 degrees, and move up and down for about 15 times. Straighten your body, and pivot 180 degrees, until you see your left foot coming to the front. You must lower again into a lunge. You must pulse up and down 15 times on each side, in order to complete one set. Keep in mind to do 3 sets.

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Skater lunge

This is definitely one of the best workouts for toned legs. After you do it for several days, you will be surprised to see the wonderful results that this exercise provides to you. You must keep your feet shoulder-width apart, and your arms at your sides. Then you must take a very large step backwards with the right leg, and cross it behind the left one. You must do this diagonally. While you do so, you must remember to extend your left arm out to the side, and also swing the other arm across your hips. You have to hop about 3 feet to the right and then, come back to the initial position. Repeat the exercise with the other leg as well. That means you will do one set, and you must keep in mind to do 3 sets a day.

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