How Insomnia Affects Athletic Performances

Not getting enough sleep is harmful to everyone’s health but for athletes, it can be even more dangerous. The physical effort involved in their regular workouts requires them to be rested and able to resist, therefore, insomnia should be treated as soon as it starts showing signs. Below, we will talk about how insomnia affects athletic performances and how it can be treated.
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The mental effects of insomnia

First of all, the lack of sleep affects one’s mood and lowers their performance and the yield in performing various activities. Given the intense physical effort athletes are exposed to, they must be well rested so they will be able to face their daily workouts. A tired brain will not be able to stand up to the tasks so athletes will not manage to perform their training. Insomnia has a devastating effect on athletes and lowers their performance, causing them serious strength and endurance issues.

The physical effects

Rest is very important for athletes not only because of the mental benefits it brings but also for the physical ones. It’s known that every intense workout session requires a period of rest to allow the muscles to recover and to show the results of the workouts. After a tiresome exercising, athletes must have at least 8 hours of sleep every night so their muscles will work and recover tissue which results in more muscle mass. Not sleeping enough means the muscles will not have time to process the results of the workout.
How Insomnia Affects Athletic Performances Picture

How can insomnia be treated

If athletes suffer from insomnia, they must treat it immediately otherwise, they might ruin their career. First of all, they must discover what is causing insomnia and solve the problem. If the reason is a poor quality mattress that doesn’t provide a comfortable sleeping posture, they must replace it with a better one that allows them to sleep during the night and wake up feeling rested.
A sound machine can also help improve sleep quality by masking the outdoor noises that keep people up all night. The soothing effect of the sound machine induces the brain a state of sleep and keeps it disconnected from the outside so people listening to this device can sleep throughout the night.
If neither the mattress nor the sound machine work, athletes can resort to a natural sleep inducer like Alteril. Given that Alteril only contains natural extracts from plants and no medical ingredients that could interfere with their sports life, it is absolutely safe for athletes.

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