How to Lose Body Fat in the Pool

Swimming is a great way of losing weight because it works your entire body and improves blood circulation. The arms and legs movements are great for toning your muscles and for burning fat. The resistance of the water intensifies the effort so you will enjoy an increased performance in burning calories. A light swimming session can burn up to 500 calories while a more intense one can reach an outstanding 700 calories. All this without stressing your muscles or putting pressure on your joints. Discover below more details on how to lose body fat in your pool.
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Keep your pool clean

Having a pool at home is great because you can enjoy the benefits of swimming at any time and for as long as you like without having to go to a public pool. However, before you start a swimming session, make sure your pool is clean so you won’t risk feeling sick due to bacteria and dirt in the pool. A robotic pool cleaner can help you get rid of the dirt and debris in the pool and will even remove unwanted algae from the pool’s surface.

Swim wisely

When you start swimming, the secret is to take it slowly so you will improve your endurance and not be defeated by the power of the water. By jumping into the pool and swimming at high velocity, you will exert your body and you will get tired very easily. Given that swimming is a type of cardio that accelerates your heart rate and forces your heart to pump more blood, you must start slowly and gradually increase the speed. Swim four lengths of the pool slowly then take a 30-second break and repeat up to ten times so you will accustom your body to the water’s resistance.
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Backstrokes and breaststrokes

These two types of swimming styles can help you increase your endurance and burn a lot of body fat because they focus on various muscles in your body. Backstrokes mean sitting on your back with your head in line with the spine and rotating each arm to the back while slowly moving your legs. These movements put a lot of pressure on your back muscles and keep them contracted during the entire exercise. The breaststrokes require you to extend your arms forward and to pull them to the sides while your legs perform a frog kick. This swimming style is great for hips and thighs muscles that are often neglected during workouts.

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