How to Sculpt Your Arms in Two Weeks

Do you think your arms look kind of fat, and they are not toned at all? If so, then you definitely need to do something about this, in order to look amazing for the summer. Therefore, for your information, here is how to sculpt your arms in two weeks.

How to Sculpt Your Arms in Two Weeks Picture

Triple play

This wonderful workout will definitely help you have the arms you want to have. Get two dumbbells and hold one in each hand, while you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then, you must raise your arms out to your sides, until you get to your shoulder’s height. You will also need to bend your elbows 90 degrees, and while you do that you must keep your upper arms parallel to the floor. Furthermore, you must keep your shoulders pulled down. Another great exercise which is part of this workout, and which will super tone your arms, is a very easy one. You just need to extend both of your arms overhead, with your palms facing each other, Then you need to bend your elbows, and lower the weights behind your head.

Half-moon rotation

If you do not know how to sculpt your arms in two weeks, then with this type of exercise you will certainly achieve your goal in the shortest time possible. You must start the exercise in the same position as you would start the above exercise as well, standing, and with your feet hip-width apart, your arms straight out to the sides, your fingers together, and your palms down. After you do so, you must rotate thumbs back. Do not stop until your palms face up. Then, you need to rotate thumbs forward. While keeping your arms lifted, you must do this for about 30 times every day, in order to obtain amazing results.

High V

This is another amazing exercise that will help you have the arms you are dreaming of. Again, you must start by keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Your arms must be extended in a V, and your palms facing out to the sides. While you do so, you need to bend elbows to hips. Do this very slowly. Then, you need to press back up into V. Repeat this exercise for about 20 times.

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