Pre and Post Workout Snack Ideas

If you are an extremely active person who goes to the gym regularly, then you must know that you need to have a snack before and after each workout, in order to be able to go for an intense one. It is essential to know exactly what to eat, in order to achieve the desired result. Here are some pre and post workout snack ideas which will definitely be very useful for those who exercise regularly.

Pre and Post Workout Snack Ideas Picture

Go for fruit&nut bars before your workouts

Nutritionists recommend people who go to the gym regularly, to have a fruit&nut bar before every workout. These delicious bars will not only delight your taste buds, but they will also give you enough strength and energy to go for an intense workout. These snack are also perfect for those people short on time. They provide carbohydrates which are very important to fuel your muscles. Furthermore, these bars also contain proteins and fibers as well, which will give you lots of energy, so that you can achieve your goal in a very short time. It is highly recommended to go for a bar which has around 200 calories, and which also has at least 5 grams of protein and fiber as well.

Non-fat Greek yogurt topped with granola is a wonderful pre-workout snack idea

If you do not like fruit&nut bars, then you could go for a non-fat Greek yogurt topped with granola. If you are having this snack, you will actually get a mix of fast and slow digesting proteins, which will help you gain muscle mass with ease. Moreover, you will have a lot more energy, which means that you can exercise for longer periods of time. Therefore, if you want to have a great body and have lots of energy at the gym, you need to have this snack before you actually exercise.

Prepare a smoothie from 1 orange and 1 hard boiled egg, after every workout

With a snack like this, you will feel full of energy again after you exercise. Oranges are full of water and potassium, which can help you re-hydrate quickly after the gym session. The egg will help muscles repair, which is fantastic. Go for eggs that are omega-3-enriched, or go for the organic ones. Studies have shown that fatty acids play a very important role in preventing the inflammatory damage which is usually caused by intense workouts.

Have an omelet as a post workout snack

An omelet with two eggs, onions, and red bell peppers will certainly help you recover quickly, no matter how intense your workout was. If you want, you can also add some chopped fruits, including pineapple. You can prepare this wonderful omelet in the microwave. By doing so, you will save precious time. All these pro and post workout snack ideas will definitely help you achieve your goals with ease, and you will actually do this in a very healthy way.

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